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Relay Timer R1X
Relay Timer R1X is programmable timer software to control relay according to time schedule setting. It works with 1-channel relay controller boards of  National Control Devices, Robot Electronicss and Velleman.
  • Control 1-channel relay boards with Serial Port/USB or Network interface
  • Detect and show connection status of relay board continuously.
  • Remind after disconnection and recover after reconnection automatically.
  • Turn on/off relay manually and automatically according to time schedule setting.
  • Update and display the current status of relay simultaneously.
  • Support multiple schedule setting and powerful setting with recurrence options.
  • Automatically switch to auto control mode after specified time or at fixed time.
  • Be capable of setting to auto run after login Windows.
  • Allow to control relays from other computers remotely.
  • Launch by command line with specified configuration or schedule setting file.
  • Schedule setting can be saved for later loading.
  • 30-day free trial
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    What's new in v2.5?
    • Supports Windows 10;
    •  Build with .Net Framework 4.5
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    1-Relay Controller Board 1-Relay Controller Board 1-Relay Controller Boards

    Please get more information about relay controller boards from National Control Devices.
    Relay Timer R1X can be ordered with relay controller board together from NCD.