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Serial Port Tool - Comm Operator NCD

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Comm Operator NCD Edition

Comm Operator NCD Edition is a simple edition of Comm Operator v2.0. It is a custom-made edition for relay controller boards of National Control Devices (NCD). It is a powerful tool for relay controller boards of NCD.


  • It can detect all COM ports automatically regardless of whether they are real COM ports on motherboard or on supplementary in/output boards, or virtual COM ports created by special drivers.
  • It can send and receive data through COM port. The speed it supports ranges from 110 to 921600.
  • It supports data input in decimal format which required by relay controller boards of NCD.
  • The property of Auto Send makes it a full functional device simulator. Device can be used directly without programming.
  • It includes commands for ProXR relay controller boards. It's very convenient to debug or test the relay controller boads.
  • It can keep log of the sent and received data. All setting can be saved to a file and loaded later. Unified operating GUI and integrating with F1 help make it easy to use.
Comm Operator NCD Screen Shot

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