One Button Timer – Turn ON/OFF relay in specific time with N-Button

Using N-Button software, you can create only one button to turn on/off relay in specific time.

There are two ways.

One is to create a Customized Button -> Send Specified Data. There are timer commands for PorXR relay boards of National Control Devices, which can turn on/off a relay for given time.

ProXR Timer Command

For example, to turn on Relay 1 for 30 seconds, you can create a customized button to send data “254 50 50 0 0 30 0”.



Another way is to create a Customized Button -> Send Data List. It can run a command list which created by Comm Operator software. In command list, you can send a group of commands and specify the interval between each command.

Here is a sample list to turn on Relay 1 for 30 seconds, then turn off it for 5 seconds, then turn on it for 20 seconds, and then turn of it.

The data can be added or edited by click “Edit” button. You also can test the data list by clicking “Start” button.

Save as the Send Data List to a *.sds file. Here is sample.sds.


Now, create a Customized Button to open the sample.sds file in N-Button. When the button is clicked, it will start to run the command list. The command list works for all relay boards.


This is only one simple application for N-Button. You can create buttons to send data to any of your devices.

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