Light Control with N-Button Automation Schedule Rule

N-Button Lite/Pro automation feature allows you to control relays or other devices automatically according to different rules. Here will show you how to use Schedule Rule to control light.

N-Button Automation Rule - Shedule Rule

Example: Turn on the light at 8:00pm – 10:00pm everyday.

To control the light with your computer, actually, it is to control the relay, which connected with the light, with N-Button software. So, connect relay board with your light first.

Light Control with N-Button

You can choose relay board with Serial Port, USB, or Ethernet interface from National Control Devices, Robot Electronics, or Velleman, which are now supported in N-Button.

N-Button supports Relay Boards

Here are the steps for how to control the light/relay with N-Button software

Step 1: Install N-Button Lite or Pro, and connect relay board with computer.

Step 2: Run N-Button, add the relay board to Devices Manager. Here three relay boards/devices are added to show the different interfaces. Only one of them will be used later to control the light.

N-Button Devices Manager

Step 3: Add Relay Button widget to test the connection. Be sure the light will be turned on or off when you click the Relay Button on your desktop.

N-Button Relay Button

Step 4: Click Automation button on N-Button Pro/Lite Manager, add Schedule Rule.  Set rule 2-hour ON to turn relay on start from 8:00pm, and duration 2 hours, shown as below. Set the actions/status of relay when time is before Start time, just on Start Time, between the duration, and after the duration.

Light Control with N-Button Automation Schedule Rule

N-Button Automation Schedule Setting


After all above steps, you have finished the Automation setting. Now, the light will be turned on automatically during 8:00pm – 10:00pm.

You can set other Automation Rules to control your light or any other devices connected with relay board according to above steps.

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