Light Control with N-Button Automation Time Point Rule

N-Button Lite/Pro automation feature allows you to control relays or other devices automatically according to the rules. Here will show you how to use Time Point Rule to control light.

N-Button Automation Time Point Rule

Example: Turn on the security light in the front yard 10 minutes later after sunset, and turn off it 10 minutes before sunrise.

First of all, you need connect relay board with your light. To control the light, actually, it is to control the relay, which connected with the light, with N-Button software.

Light control with N-Button Automation Time Point Rule

You can choose relay board with Serial Port, USB, or Ethernet interface from National Control Devices, Robot Electronics, or Velleman, which are now supported in N-Button.

Step 1: Install N-Button Lite or Pro, and connect relay board with computer.

Step 2: Run N-Button, add the relay board to Devices Manager. Here three relay boards/devices are added to show you the different interface. Only one of them will be used later to control the light.

N-Button Devices Manager

Step 3: Add Relay Button widget to test the connection. Be sure the light will be turned on or off when you click the Relay Button on your desktop.

N-Button Add Relay Button

Step 4: Click Automation button on N-Button Pro/Lite Manager, add Time Point Rule.  Set rule Turn On to turn relay on 10 minutes after sunset, shown as below. Set rule Turn Off to turn relay off 10 minutes before sunrise with the similar way.

N-Button Automation Control Time Point Rule

N-Button Automation Control Time Point Setting

N-Button Automation Control Action for Time Point rule

After all above steps, you have finished the Automation setting. Now, the light will be turned on/off automatically according to the sunset and sunrise.

You can set other Automation Rules to control your light or any other devices connected with relay board according to above steps.

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