Comm Operator Supports I2C Panel

Comm Operator v4.9 supports Quick Send – I2C panel. It’s pretty easy to communicate with I2C devices, or test I2C protocol.

Download Comm Operator v4.9 to try.

Click Open Connection icon to show the panel below, select connected I2C device.

Comm Operator - Open Connection - I2C Device

Click menu View –> I2C to show Quick Send – I2C panel.

Comm Operator - I2C Panel

Click Send button after input data according to I2C protocol of the connected I2C device.

Comm Operator - Quick Send I2C Panel

Click Edit button to show I2C Data Editor. Edit address and data for I2C device here.

Comm Operator - I2C Data Editor

All data sent to I2C device can be added to Send Data List, which can be saved and loaded again.

Comm Operator - Add to List -I2C Device Data

Download Comm Operator to test I2C device now.

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