USB Game Joystick Plug-in for PTZ Controller

We got many feature request emails about support USB game joystick for PTZ Controller. Compare to PTZ joystick, game joystick is much less expensive solution.

PTZ Controller supports plug-in from version 2.8. The first plug-in is USB Game Joystick Plug-in.

Now, we have new version of Joystick Plug-in. It allows you to set the functions for buttons of game joystick.

Download Game Joystick Plug-in

We recommend Logitech’s extreme 3D joystick. It is available from at the price about $30.  It also works well with other game joysticks.

How to use Game Joystick to control PTZ Camera

  1. Download and Install PTZ Controller (
  2. Download Game Joystick plug-in
  3. Connect PTZ Camera with your PC through RS232 serial port
  4. Connect USB Game Joystick with your PC
  5. Run PTZ Controller
  6. Run JoystickPlugin.exe
  7. Control PTZ Camera with the Game Joystick now!

The joystick works just like a professional PTZ camera Keyboard. It can control pan, tilt, iris, focus and zoom with PTZ Controller. The rotate of the joystick is Zoom, just same as PTZ Keyboard. There are 12 buttons available, with those buttons, it is possible to switch camera address and set preset by one hand!


Please update your Windows and install the latest DirectX. Here is the download link.

  • Game Joystick Plug-in

    Click Configuration button to open the Configuration dialog.

  • Click Setting button to select the stick or button to control Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Focus, Iris, Camera, Preset and Customized Functions.

Game Joystick Plug-in Configuration

For Logitech’s extreme 3D joystick, the default function mapping shown as below.

  • X Axis Pan Logitech Joystick
  • Y Axis Tilt
  • Z Axis Zoom

Pov are mapping to Iris and Focus.

  • Pov Up         Iris –
  • Pov Down    Iris +
  • Pov Left       Focus –
  • Pov Right     Focus +

Logitech Game Joystick       Logitech Game Joystick

Button’s Function

  • Button 1      Next Preset
  • Button 2      Previous Preset
  • Button 3      Next Camera
  • Button 4      Previous Camera
  • Button 5      —
  • Button 6      —
  • Button 7      Customized Button 1
  • Button 8      Customized Button 2
  • Button 9      Customized Button 3
  • Button 10    Customized Button 4
  • Button 11    Customized Button 5
  • Button 12    Customized Button 6

Logitech Game Joystick Buttons

The Customized Buttons indicate the buttons on Customize panel of PTZ Controller.

Customized Buttons

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