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PTZ Controller
V 2.9.620

Control Demo
PTZ Controller is software to control PTZ camera. It works like PTZ keyboard or PTZ joystick on PC. It controls high speed Pan Tilt Zoom cameras with computer keyboard, mouse or joystick. It is more powerful than traditional PTZ keyboard or PTZ joystick hardware.  
PTZ Controller controls PTZ camera through RS232 serial port directly, or through RS485, RS422, USB port with a converter.
PTZ Controller supports protocols for Pelco, AD, Bosch, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, LiLin and Canon.
PTZ Controller controls Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Foucs, Iris, and flexible Auto Scan, which includes preset scan and auto pan.
PTZ Controller provides auxiliary panel and customized panel for sending specified Hex data to PTZ camera.
PTZ Controller supports keyboard shortcuts to control up to 255 camera addresses and 127 presets.
PTZ Controller works with gamepad plug-in, game joystick plug-in and PTZ joystick plug-in.
PTZ Controller supports command line operation and can be launched with the specified configuration file.
PTZ Controller detects all available serial port automatically and allows to export and import setting file.
PTZ Controller is compatible with Windows 7.
It's totally FREE to try full functions within 30 days
Please download to try to make sure it works well before you purchase.
There is no more update for PTZ Controller v2.9.

PTZ Controller Main Interface


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