How to Add Background for Widgets

N-Button Pro and N-Button Lite make it possible to control serial port/USB or network devices without any programming! Control Button/Widget can be created with a few clicks in N-Button Pro/Lite. Background can also be added to make all buttons or widgets in a whole.

Here are the steps for how to add background.

1. Download N-Button Pro or N-Button Lite and install it. Double click the N-Button Pro/Lite icon to run it. N-Button Pro/Lite Manager will be shown on your screen.

2. Edit Devices Manager to Add connected device.

3. Add Buttons/Widgets according your request.

4. Open Advanced Setting panel to select your background image.

N-Button add Background

5. After all above setting, you will get your customized control panel on your desktop. Here is the example.

N-Button Background sample

6. Right-click the background image to make sure Move All is checked.

N-Button add Background sample

7. Right-click each button/widget to make sure both Move and Move All are UNCHECKED .

N-Button add Background sample

8. All the buttons/widgets are now in a whole with the background. Drag and move the background will move all buttons/widgets.

Add your favorite background to create your own control panel/application to control serial port or network devices with N-Button Pro/Lite.

More samples:

N-Button background application sample       N-Button background application sample


N-Button background application sample          N-Button background application sample


Download Sample Background Images


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