Remote Control PTZ Camera with HTTP Request by PTZ Controller v3

PTZ Controller v3 supports build-in HTTP CGI server.  It can control PTZ cameras remotely through HTTP request.

How to control PTZ Camera with HTTP request by PTZ Controller v3.

1.  Download and install PTZ Controller v3 on your computer.

2. Connect PTZ Camera with your computer through serial port or USB

3. Run PTZ Controller v3, and make sure to select the right setting for camera. (address, protocol, Com port, baud rate)

4. Please make sure you can control your PTZ camera locally with mouse or keyboard shortcuts.

PTZ Controller 3.0 mini

5. Click menu Setting –> Options to select “Enable PTZ Controller Server” and set Port Number or keep it default as 8080.

Enable PTZ Controller Server

6.  To test if PTZ Controller server is running, open the internet browser, and type the following line, replace the port number if the port is set other than 8080.


A webpage should show as below. That means PTZ Controller server is running. Click the button on the webpage will send HTTP request to control PTZ Camera.

PTZ Controller Server is running!

Make sure the port number is allow to access in Windows firewall setting. Please visit Microsoft website to get more information about firewall setup.

7. PTZ Controller HTTP request format


IPaddress :  it’s the IP address of the computer that running PTZ Controller.

Port:  it’s the port number the server listen. It can be reset on Options panel shown above.

There are 6 HTTP request commands for Pan, Tilt and Zoom without parameters







Stop command:


Commands for Pan, Tilt and Zoom with parameters


Pan’s value: -63 to 63

Tilt’s value: -63 to 63

Zoom’s value: -63 to 63

It can be used with pan tilt only or zoom only



To check the IP address of your computer, click Windows Start,  run cmd.exe to open the console window, type command “ipconfig”, press Enter to get the computer’s IP address.


For example:

The HTTP request commands for Pan, tilt and zoom without parameters will be:

Stop command need to be sent after sending commands above.

Commands for Pan, tilt and zoom with parameters will be:

The latest PTZ Controller v3 has the command buttons built in the webpage. Click the button to control Pan, Tilt and Zoom directly.

PTZ Controller - HTTP Request

8.  HTTP request for Custom Functions

There are 12 Custom Function buttons available in PTZ controller 3.0. Each custom function can be  setup a HTTP request command. The custom item function will be called when the specific HTTP request is called.

PTZ Controller Custom Function


For example:

Above HTTP request will do Set Preset 1.


All commands that used for Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Stop cannot be override in custom functions.

If there are two same HTTP request commands for custom functions, the first one matched will be called.


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