Run COP File to Send Commands

We created RunCopFile.exe to make it easier to send a command or command list to your serial port or IP address.

Download RunCopFile here

The command or command list is included in the COP file. The COP file also includes the information of connection, that is the serial port or IP address.

The COP file is created by our Comm Operator software.

Comm Operator

a. Select menu File –> Open Connection to show Open Connection dialog, and set IP Address on TCP Client tab page, shown as below.

Comm Operator - Open Connection

b. Edit Send Data List panel to add commands, shown as below.

Comm Operator - Send Data List

c. Select menu File-> Save As COP File to save the above setting to a *.cop file. (This file can be opened by our free software Comm Operator Pal.)

Comm Operator - Save As COP File

RunCopFile.exe can be run with command line.

RunCopFile - Command Line

It also can be run with our N-Button Pro/Lite software.

a. Click Add Customized Button on N-Button Pro/Lite Manager to show properties page for customized button.

b. Select Run Application option in Action panel. Input the path of  RunCopFile.exe and the *.cop file.

Run COP File

After you create the customized buttons, you can send commands in COP file to the serial port or IP address by click the created buttons.

Download RunCopFile here

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