Enter WiFly Module Command Mode with Comm Operator

WiFly module has two modes, data mode and command mode or configuration mode.

Upon power up, WiFly module will be in data mode. To enter command mode, exactly the escape sequence (set to three characters, $$$ by default) must be sent. The WiFly module will respond with CMD indicating it is in command mode.

Here is the screenshot for entering command mode with Comm Operator.

Comm Operator - WiFly Module - Command Mode

Make sure the following steps have been done before you enter command mode with Comm Operator.

1. Connect WiFly module with your computer.

2. Download, install and run Comm Operator.

3. Open USB Serial Port connecting with the WiFly module.

Note: There is no carriage return (<CR>) after the $$$ to enter command mode.

While in command mode, the WiFly module will accept ASCII bytes as commands. Each command ends with a carriage return <CR>.

To exit command mode, send “exit<CR>”. The WiFly module will respond with ËXIT indicating that it has exited command mode and switched into data mode.

Comm Operator - WiFly Module

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