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USB PTZ Joystick Plug-in for PTZ Controller

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

PTZ Controller supports PTZ Joystick plug-in.

Download PTZ Joystick Plug-in

How to use PTZ Joystick to control PTZ Camera

  1. Download and Install PTZ Controller (
  2. Download PTZ Joystick plug-in
  3. Connect PTZ Camera with your PC through RS232 serial port
  4. Connect USB PTZ Joystick with your PC
  5. Run PTZ Controller
  6. Run JoystickPlugin.exe
  7. Control PTZ Camera with the PTZ Joystick now!


Please update your Windows and install the latest DirectX. Here is the download link.

  • PTZ Joystick Plug-in

The latest version of PTZ Joystick plug-in allows you to set the functions for buttons of PTZ Joystick.

Click Configuration button to open the Joystick Configuration dialog.

Click Setting button to select the stick or button to control Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Focus, Iris, Camera, Preset and Customized Functions.

PTZ Joystick Plug-in Configuration

The default configuration for PTZ Joystick is X/Y Axis for Pan/Tilt and rotates handle for Zoom out/in.

There are 12 buttons, 2 on handle and 10 on base housing. Here is the table of the button’s functions.

Button # Function
1 Focus Far
2 Focus Near
3 Iris Open
4 Iris Close
5 Next Preset
6 Previous Preset
7 Next Camera
8 Previous Camera
9 Customized Button 1
10 Customized Button 2
11 Customized Button 3
12 Customized Button 4


PTZ Joystick






Note: The Customized Buttons indicate the buttons on Customize panel of PTZ Controller.


Here are links for USB PTZ Joystick.

* If you want to use a less expensive solution for PTZ Joystick, you may choose USB Game Joystick or USB Gamepad.

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