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How to Access Relay Timer R1X Remotely?

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Relay Timer R1X is programmable timer software to control relay manually and automatically. It works with 1-channel relay controller boards of National Control Devices.

Relay Timer R1X Relay Controller Board of National Control Devices

To control your relay with Relay Timer R1X, you need connect your relay board with your computer and Set Configuration in Relay Timer R1X to make sure the connection is available. You need to select the type of your relay board and the connection way.

Relay Timer R1X can be controlled remotely from other computers.

Click Relay Timer R1X - Configure button to show the Configuration dialog.

Relay Timer R1X - Remote Access

Select Enable Control Remotely checkbox. Set the Port Number or keep default value 80.

Select Password to set password for remote access.

Click OK to finish setting.

Relay Timer R1X can be controlled on the other computer by visiting the current computer’s IP address in internet browser.

Relay Timer R1X - Remote Control

If Port Number is 80, you just need to type the IP address in the browser, shown as above.

If Port Number is modified, you need add the number after the IP address, shown as below.

Relay Timer R1X - Remote Control

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Count Down Timer to Control Lights Automatically

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Quick Timer series include Quick Timer R2X, Quick Timer R4X, Quick Timer R8X and Quick Timer R16X. They are programmable timer software to control relay boards of 2 relays, 4 relays, 8 relays and 16 relays. 

Each relay can be turned on/off manual. It also can be controlled automatically according to the preset setting. Programmable setting can meet all kinds of your requirement.

Quick time setting and high resolution make them fit for lights control, science experiment, home automation, industry control, energy conservation and so on.

Here’s the example of controlling four lights with Quick Timer R4X.


  • The clock counts down from 30 seconds.
  • For Light 1, it is turned on 5 seconds and turned off 5 seconds within 30 seconds.
  • For Light 2, it is turned off 5 seconds and turned on 5 seconds within 30 seconds.
  • For Light 3, it is turned on at first 10 seconds and turned off for next 20 seconds.
  • For Light 4, it is turned off  at first 10 seconds and turned on for next 20 seconds.


  1. Connect the four lights to each relay on 4-channel relay board of National Control Devices.
  2. Connect the relay board with your computer by RS232 port, USB port or network.
  3. Download, install and launch Quick Timer R4X.
  • Quick Timer R4X

   4.  Click Configure button to select the right relay board and connection method.

  • Quick Timer R4X - Configration  
  • If the configuration is correct, the relays can be turned on/off manually by clicking the switch buttons.

   Quick Timer R4X - Relay Control Panel

  • 5.  Click setting button to add time setting for each relay.

Here is the setting for relay 1 connected with Light 1.

  • Quick Timer R4X - Relay 1 Setting 

Here is the setting for relay 2 connected with Light 2.

  • Quick Timer R4X - Relay 2 Setting

Here is the setting for relay 3 connected with Light 3.

  • Quick Timer R4X - Relay 3 Setting

Here is the setting for relay 4 connected with Light 4.

  • Quick Timer R4X - Relay 4 Setting

6.  Click Start All button to control the the relays and the lights automatically.

  • At beginning
  • Count Down Timer -Quick Timer R4X
  • At 25 seconds
  • Count Down Timer - Quick Timer R4X
  • At 20 seconds
  • Count Down Timer - Quick Timer R4X
  • At 10 seconds
  • Count Down Timer - Quick Timer R4X
  • Here is the setting file QTR4X_Control_Light.tmr
  • Please download and load it to Quick Timer R4X directly.

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How to Create 2-button Virtual Key Fob with N-Button

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

It’s very simple and easy to create virtual key fob to control your external devices with N-Button.

  • Download and install N-Button 
  • Download N-Button Configuration File for Key Fob (*.nbc)
  • Run N-Button to open N-Button Manager dialog.
  • Click Load to import *.nbc file to add background and buttons automatically. Please select the right relay board, COM Port and Baud Rate. Get relay board from National Control Devices.
  • Click OK, the Key Fob will float on your desktop now.
  • You can create your own key fob with background and button images.

Video: How to Create 2-button Virtual Key Fob

Video: Control Relay Board with Virtual Key Fob

Create Christmas application with N-Button

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Christmas is coming!

N-Button makes it possible to create cool Christmas application without any programming!

Step 1. Download N-Button

Step 2. Download Configuration files for Christmas

Step 3. Install N-Button and Load configuration file *.nbc on N-Button Manager dialog.

Step 4. Christmas widgets will float on your desktop no.

Step 5. To setup the application, you need a  ProXR relay board from NCD. The configuration files are made to work with ProXR board. However, it works with any relay boards from NCD. It can control up to 255 relays. It works with both RS232, USB, fiber optical and ZigBee/XBee interface.

Just hook up the relay board with computer, install N-Button, load the configuration file and setup communication parameters. That’s it! You can control your Christmas light, music, bells from your desktop now!

Screenshot 1

N-Button Christmas application

All bells, boxes and hangers are clickable and will trigger a relay!

Screenshot 2

N-Button Christmas application

All balloons are clickable and will trigger a relay!


  • Use touch screen.
  • Use Ethernet board or ZigBee module  if the device are far away from computer.

Create Virtual Key Fob with N-Button Lite

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

It is easy to create a virtual Key Fob on your desktop with N-Button Lite to control a relay on/off from computer.

Virtual Key Fob








Step 1. Download N-Button Lite

Step 2. Install N-Button Lite and Open N-Button Lite Manager

N-Button Lite Manager

Step 3. Setup the Relay board type and serial port or network parameter correctly according the your hardware type. Get a Relay board from NCD.

Step 4.  Add a Key fob image as background.  Here is the picture.

Virtual Key Fob background

Step 5. Click “Add Relay Button” to show the dialog Properties – Relay Button.

Properties - Relay Button

Step 6. Set Action to “Turn On” and select Relay ID you want to control. Set Style to “Image File” and Size to “Large 100%”. Select Image File for button. Here is the picture.

Virtual Key Fob button

It should include the status of normal and button pressed. The two parts need to be same size. Please refer “How to Prepare Button Images for N-Button” for how to make it.

Step 7. Click “OK”  to return N-Button Lite Manager dialog.

Step 8. Click “OK” to close N-Button Lite Manager dialog.

The key fob image and button will show on top left of the screen. Drag the button to center of key fob and drag the key fob to the place you want. Right click on the background image to uncheck the “Move” and check “Move All”.

That’s it! You have a virtual key fob on your desktop.

You can download the configuration file  for key fob and load it directly in N-Button Lite Manager dialog.

Download Virtual Key Fob Configuration File

Video: How to Save and Load Configuration File for N-Button