Programmable Timer

Relay Timer Quick Timer

Quick Timer is high resolution programmable timer to control up to 32-channel NCD ProXR relay boards.

  • Support Network and Com Port connection between PC and relay board.
  • Detect connection status between PC and relay board continuously.
  • Remind after disconnection and recover after reconnection automatically.
  • Control relay manually and automatically according to time setting.
  • Update and display the current status of relay simultaneously.
  • Time can be set with counting down or up.
  • Support controlling all relays directly.
  • Time setting can be saved for later loading



Relay Timer is programmable timer software to control ProXR relay controller boards. It supports 1 ProXR relay board and up to 15 extension boards with 16-channel on each. It’s fit for controlling lights, motors, pumps, bells, audio, video and other applications related with home automation, science experiment, industry control, energy conservation and so on.

  • Supports multiple ProXR relay boards. Up to 16 boards, max relay number is 256.
  • Supports 16-channel relays on each board. Each relay has a control panel separately.
  • Supports multiple schedule setting for each relay.
  • Supports powerful schedule setting with customized recurrence options.
  • Turn on/off each relay manually and automatically.
  • Turn on/off or invert all relays directly.
  • Display the current status of all relays simultaneously.
  • Automatically switch to auto mode from manual mode after specified time.
  • Supports auto start after logging in Windows.
  • Status of relays can be saved for later loading.
  • Schedule setting can be saved for later loading.Relay Timer only supports ProXR relay controller boards of National Control Devices for now.