N-Button v1.3

N-Button is a versatile program to create widgets on your desktop to control RS232 & Network related external devices, run applications, send http request or send data list. Build-in buttons to control relay boards of National Control Devices without any programming!

N-Button Lite version supports up to 8 widgets. 

N-Button standard version supports up to 256 widgets.

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Create Widgets on you desktop.

Widgets can be easily added and edited in N-Button Manager.

N-Button Manager 

It supports five types of widgets – Relay Button, Relay Status, A/D Meter, Customized Button and Label.

Relay Button widgets turn on/off relay directly.

Relay Button

Relay Status widgets show status of the relay automatically.

Relay Status

A/D Meter widgets display the value of A/D channel automatically.

AD Meter

Customized Button can be set to send specified data to any other connected devices besides relay boards. It can also be set to open a file, a folder or a program, run any application, send http request or send data list.

Customized Button

Label widget is used to show static text or image on desktop. 


Product Page: http://www.serialporttool.com/NbuttonInfo.htm
Download link: http://www.serialporttool.com/download/NButton/NButton.zip
E-Mail: support@serialporttool.com

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