Control 1-channel ProXR Relay Board with Relay Timer R1X

Relay Timer R1X software allows you to control 1-channel ProXR relay board manually and automatically according to timing schedule setting.

Here will show you how to control 1-channel ProXR relay board of National Control Devices with Relay Timer R1X software.

1. Plug-in power for 1-channel ProXR relay board, and connect it to your computer through Serial Port, USB or Ethernet interface.

1-channel ProXR Relay Board

2. Download, install and run Relay Timer R1X.

3. Click Configure button to open Configuration panel.

  • Select Manufacturer – National Control Devices
  • Select Device Type – ProXR
  • Select connection interface
    • Serial Port/USB for RS-232 and USB interface, select the right Port Name and Baud Rate 115200 for ProXR relay board
    • Network  for Ethernet interface, input IP address and Port 2101 for ProXR relay board

Relay Timer R1X - Configuration

4. Click OK button on Configuration panel. You will see the connection information about the relay board and a flashing arrow shown on the status bar. That means the ProXR relay board has been connected with Relay Timer R1X software.

Relay Timer R1X - Connection status

5. It’s ready to control the relay board manually with Relay Timer R1X.

  • Click Manual button down to step into manual control mode
  • Click  On/Off slider to control relay manually

Relay Timer R1X - Control Relay Manually

6. Click Setting button to set up timing schedule for auto control.

Relay Timer R1X - Timing Shcedule Setting

Relay Timer R1X - Shcedule Setting

7. Click Auto button to make sure the relay channel step into auto control mode. The relay channel will be turned on/off automatically according to above schedule setting.

Relay Timer R1X - Switch to Auto Control Mode

8. You can also click Override button to select option for switching to auto mode automatically.

Relay Timer R1X - Override Manual

Here is the quick start guide video for how to control 1-channel ProXR relay board with Relay Timer R1X.

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