PTZ Controller Supports Xbox 360 Controller for Joystick

PTZ Controller software allows you control PTZ camera with joystick. It works well with Logitech’s joystick and gamepad. The latest PTZ Controller v3.6 supports Xbox 360 controllers also.

Xbox 360 Controller for Windows

  • Connect Xbox 360 controller to you computer first.
  • Run PTZ Controller v3.6
  • Click menu Joystick –> Connect –> Xbox 360 For Windows(It will list automatically.)


You will see Xbox 360 controller is connected with PTZ Controller.

PTZ Controller - Joystick- Xbox 360 Controller for Windows

  • Click menu Joystick –> Calibrate to show Calibrate Joystick Controller panel.


Xbox 360 controller for Windows

Move sticks or press buttons on Xbox 360 controller, you will see the matched name on Calibrate Joystick Controller panel shown as table below.  You can also adjust Start Position, Speed Mode for sticks here.

Xbox 360 controller PTZ controller
Left stick Stick X, Stick Y
Right stick Stick RX, Stick RY
Face Button A Button 1
Face Button B Button 2
Face Button X Button 3
Face Button Y Button 4
Left bumper Button 5
Right bumper Button 6
Button Back Button 7
Button Start Button 8
Press Left Stick Button 9
Press Right Stick Button 10

When you press Left trigger and Right trigger on Xbox 360 controller, you will see Stick U works, but we don’t recommend you set up those triggers for PTZ camera control.

For Xbox 360 controller Directional pad, PTZ Controller support Up, Down, Left, Right, 4 directions only. You will find the list names in Joystick Configuration panel, PoV Up, PoV Down, PoV Left and PoV Right.

PTZ Controller Joystick Configuration

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