Control Robot Electronics’ Relay Board with N-Button Software

The latest N-Button Pro/Lite software supports to control relay boards from Robot Electronics.

N-Button Device Setting - Robot Electronics

The relay boards include:

  • ETH002/WIFI002
  • ETH008/WIFI008
  • ETH484/WIFI484
  • ETH044/WIFI044
  • ETH8020/WIFI8020
  • ETH0621/ WIFI0621

N-Button Device Setting - Robot Electronics Relay Boards

Steps to control Robot Electronics’ relay boards with N-Button Pro/Lite software:

1. Connect the relay board with your computer through USB or network interface. Be sure the relay board is in the same network with your computer.

2. Download, install and run N-Button Pro or Lite software.

3. On N-Button Pro/Lite Manager panel, click Devices Manager-> New to select Manufacturer-> Robot Electronics and the Device Type for your relay board.

Set up Robot Electronics Relay Boards

4. Select USB or Network to set up the connection for the relay board with N-Button.

Robot Electronics USB Relay Boards

Robot Electronics Network Relay Boards

5. Click Relay Button to Open Properties – Relay Button. Select Device, Control Action and Style for the control button.

Add Relay Button for Robot Electronics Relay Board

6. Click OK on Properties – Relay Button panel and N-Button Pro/Lite Manager panel to finish the setting. You will see the control button on your desktop. Click the button to control the relay board on/off.

Relay Control Button

7. Repeat step 5-6 to add more Relay Buttons or Relay status for the relay board.

Relay Control Buttons

It’s easy to create control panel for relay board with N-Button Pro/Lite software.

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