Control 8-channel ProXR Relay Board with Relay Timer R8X

Relay Timer R8X software is special timer software to control relay controller board. It supports relay boards of National Control Devices, Robot Electronics and Velleman K8090/VM8090.

Here will show you how to control 8-channel ProXR relay board of National Control Devices with Relay Timer R8X.

1. Plug-in power for 8-channel ProXR relay board, and connect it with computer through USB interface(or Ethernet interface).

ProXR 8-channel relay board of National Control Devices

2. Download, install and run Relay Timer R8X.

3. Click Configure button to open Configuration panel.

    • Select Manufacturer –> National Control Devices
    • Select Device Type –> ProXR
    • Select Serial Port/USB if you use USB interface, or select Network if you use Ethernet interface.
    • Be sure to select the right Port Name, shown on the drop-list normally, and Baud Rate 115200 for ProXR relay board.

Relay Timer R8X software - Configuration - ProXR Relay Board

4. Click OK button on Configuration panel. You will see the basic information about the relay board is shown on the left side of status bar. In middle of the status bar, there is an flashing arrow. That means the ProXR relay board has been connected with Relay Timer R8X software.

Relay Timer R8X - Connection Status

5. It’s ready to control the relay board with Relay Timer R8X.

    • Click All On/All Off button to control all 8 channels together.
    • Or click  On/Off slider for each channel to manual control separately

Relay Timer R8X software - Control Relay - On/Off

6. Click Setting button for each channel to set up the schedule for auto control.

Relay Timer R8X software - Setting for Auto Control Relay

Be sure you have the Auto button pressed down to step into auto control mode. Otherwise, set up Override Manual for switching to auto mode automatically.

Relay Timer R8X software - Override Manual

That’s how easy to control NCD ProXR relay board with Relay Timer R8X.

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