Quick Timer R8X Supports Velleman VM8090/K8090 Relay Card

Quick Timer R8X software is high resolution programmable timer software to control up to 8-channel relay controller boards.

The new released Quick Timer R8X v2.5 supports Velleman VM8090/K8090 8-channel USB relay card as well as the relay boards of National Control Devices and Robot Electronics.

Quick Timer R8X software interface

Download the latest Quick Timer R8X (30-day free trial), install and run it.

Connect the Velleman VM8090/K8090 USB relay card with your computer, click Configure button on Quick Timer R8X to show Configuration panel shown as below.

Quick Timer R8X - Configuration - Velleman VM8090/K8090

  • Select Velleman for Manufacturer
  • Select VM8090/K8090 for Device Type
  • Select the right Com Port for your VM8090/K8090 relay card

Velleman VM8090/K8090 USB Relay Card

If the setting and connection are correct, Velleman VM8090/K8090, Com Port, and baud rate will be displayed on the status bar, and an white arrow will flash continuously. That means it’s ready to control Velleman VM8090/K8090 relay card with Quick Timer R8X.

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