Relay Timer R8X Supports Robot Electronics’ Relay Board

Relay Timer R8X is programmable timer software to control relay and set timing features of the relay. It works with relay controller boards of National Control Devices.

Relay Timer R8X Software Interface

The new released Relay Timer R8X v2.5 supports 8-channel relay boards of Robot Electronics also. It works well with both  Robot Electronics  USB-OPTO-RLY88 and USB –RLY16L 8-channel relay boards. 

Relay Timer R8X - Configuration - USB- RLY88/RLY16L

Robot Electronics USB-OPTO-RLY88         Robot Electronics USB-RLY16L

It also works well with Robot Electronics’ Ethernet relay board ETH008. Once the board is connected, the board’s info will be detected and list in Relay Timer R8X –> Configuration panel.

Relay Timer R8X - Configuration - ETH008

Robot Electronics ETH008


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