Call PTZ Camera Preset with HTTP Request

PTZ Controller allows you to control Pan, Tilt, and Zoom of your PTZ camera remotely with HTTP request buttons in web browser.

Get more details with the link below.

Remote Control PTZ Camera with HTTP Request

The latest PTZ Controller supports Call PTZ Camera Preset with HTTP Request directly.

PTZ Controller - HTTP Request - Preset

PTZ Controller can control multiple PTZ cameras connected to different Com Ports. You can also switch PTZ camera remotely with HTTP request.

To send HTTP request for any other control command, a Custom Function Button can be set in PTZ Controller, and then send the HTTP request through web browser.

PTZ Controller -HTTP Request - Custom Function

HTTP Request Format


      • IPaddress :  it’s the IP address of the computer that running PTZ Controller.
      • Port:  it’s the port number the server listen. It can be reset on Options panel shown above.

For example: HTTP request will do Set Preset 1.

Be sure you have checked Enable PTZ Controller Server on PTZ Controller Options panel.

PTZ Controller - Menu - Options

PTZ Controller - Options panel - Enable PTZ Controller Server

Visit PTZ Controller homepage

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