Memorize Position Preset for Sony PTZ Camera

PTZ Controller software supports Sony protocol, which makes it easy to control Sony PTZ cameras from your computer.

PTZ Controller mini view   PTZ Controller - Camera Setting - Sony Protocol

Though  there are more than hundred presets list on PTZ Controller Presets panel, it does not mean PTZ Controller will make Sony PTZ cameras have those position presets. PTZ Controller supports ONLY what your PTZ camera supports. PTZ Controller will work on no more than 127 presets.

PTZ Controller - Presets Position

Some Sony PTZ cameras support up to 16 position presets, like Sony BRC-H700, Sony BRC-Z700. But most of Sony PTZ cameras support 6 position presets, like Sony EVI-D30/D31, Sony EVI –D70/D70P, Sony EVI-D100/D100P, Sony EVI- HD1, Sony BRC-300/300p, etc.,

It means 6 sets of PTZ camera conditions(Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Focus, Iris and others) can be stored and recalled. That’s why PTZ Controller works with 6 position presets(Preset 001 – Preset 006) only for most Sony PTZ cameras.

However, all the position presets are memorized in memory of inside camera, NOT in PTZ Controller software.

According to the protocol of Sony EVI-D30/D31, EVI –D70/D70P, EVI-HD1, if you want the position preset to be saved before the power is turned off, it’s better you have the camera memorize the position in the First Preset, which is Preset 001 in PTZ Controller, the settings retained in First Preset will be called up as the initial settings.

For Sony EVI-D100/D100P, there is a BACKUP switch, when it is switched to ON side, it will back up camera memory (position presets) when the power is turned off. Otherwise, if the switch is set to OFF side, all settings will return to factory setting when the power is turned on the next time.

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