Control Multiple Serial Port or Network Devices with N-Button

N-Button Pro/Lite software can control multiple devices, which are connected to the same computer.

Here will show you how to use N-Button software to control multiple devices connected with serial port or network.

Step 1: Download and install N-Button Pro/Lite software, and be sure your serial port/COM Port or USB  devices are connected to the same computer, and network devices are available.

Step 2: Run N-Button Pro/Lite to show N-Button Pro/Lite Manager.

Step 3: Add devices  one by one to Devices Manger. If the devices connection are available, the port information of the device will be shown on the drop-down list.

N-Button add devices to Devices Manager

Step 4: Add widgets to control the devices separately.  Be sure to select Device for each widget.

  • If the device is built-in supported in N-Button, some control widget/button can be used directly.  For example, the Ethernet relay board ETH008 of Robot Electronics is supported in N-Button already, the Relay Button can be created directly.

N-Button Properties -Relay Button

  • If you select Manufacturer –> OTHER for  the device, you need create Customized Button, select Send Data for Click Action and type in the data/control command for the button.

N-Button Properties -Customized Button

Step 5: After finishing the properties setting of the widgets/buttons for different devices, the widgets/buttons will be shown on you desktop, and they are ready to control different devices now.

N-Button Control multiple devices

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