Test USB-I2C & CMPS11 with Comm Operator

Comm Operator is professional communication debug software for Serial Port, TCP/IP, UDP, I2C, HTTP and FTDI.

UBS-I2C is I2C communications module of Robot Electronics  to provide a complete  interface  between PC and I2C bus.

CMPS11 is tilt compensated compass module of Robot Electronics.

Comm Operator

USB-I2C Module CMPS11 I2C Module

Comm Operator 

              UBS-I2C Module

CMPS11 Module

Steps for how to test UBS-I2C and CMPS11 with Comm Operator.

Step 1: Download and install Comm Operator.

Step 2: Connect USB-I2C with CMPS11 according to pin diagram, and then connect USB-I2C with your computer.(You might need to install driver for USB-I2C.)

USB-I2C Pins  CMPS11 Pins


CMPS11 Module

Connect USB-I2C with CMPS11 to Computer

Step 3: Run Comm Operator, click the icon or menu Open Connection –> Serial Port panel to select COM Port and Baud Rate for USB-I2C and click Open button.

Comm Operator - Open Serial Port

The connection status will be shown on the status bar of Comm Operator.

Comm Operator Connection Status

Step 4: Click menu View –> Standard to show or switch to Quick Send – Standard panel.

Comm Operator - View - Standard

Step 5: Input data on Quick Send – Standard panel. Click Send button to send data.

According to USB-I2C document, the data format for Write/Read to I2C device with a 1-byte internal address register is shown as below.

  • [USB-I2C Command] [I2C Address+R/W] [Register Address] [Number of Data Bytes] [Data(when writing)]

Test Example :  Read the version of CMPS11

In Comm Operator Quick Send –Standard panel, input Hex data ”55 C1 00 01” in HEX format, then click Send button to read the version of CMPS11.

Test USB-I2C & CMPS11 with Comm Operator

  • 0x55 is the USB-I2C command for write/read 1-byte addressed devices.
  • 0xC1 is the CMPS11 device default address 0x60 with 1 Read bit in the lowest bit.
  • 0x00 is CMPS11 Register Address for software version.
  • 0x01  is the number of read data byte.

Follow the rules above, the data to Read CMPS11 bearing is “55 C1 01 01” for 8-bit, or “55 C1 02 02” for 16-bit.

Tip: Check Add to List when you send data, the data will be added to Send Data List automatically.

Comm Operator - Send Data List


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