Connect COM Port TCP UDP with Comm Tunnel Pro

Our Comm Tunnel Free software is a debug/test tool for COM port, TCP/IP or UDP. It builds a tunnel between endpoints, such as COM port to COM port, COM port to TCP, COM port to UDP, TCP to TCP, TCP to UDP, or UDP to UDP. All sent and received data between the endpoints will be show in Comm Tunnel. Comm Tunnel supports up to 5 endpoints.

The new released Comm Tunnel Pro is the professional version of Comm Tunnel. There is no limit for endpoints. It allows you to connect more endpoints.

Comm Tunnel Pro - COM2COM, COM2TCP, COM2UDP

How to use

1. Download the zip file, unzip it.

Download Comm Tunnel Pro

2. Run CommTunnelPro.exe to show the main interface.

Comm Tunnel Pro - Build Tunnel for COM port, TCP, UDP

3. Click Setting button to select End Point A.

Comm Tunner Pro - Port Setting 

4. Click New button to add End Point B.

  Comm Tunner Pro - Tunnel Setting

5. Click Start button to connect the endpoints.The connection status and the transferred data will also be shown in Log Window.

Comm Tunnel Pro - Build Tunnel for COM2COM, COM2TCP, COM2UDP, TCP2TCP, TCP2UDP, UDP2UDP

6.Click "Stop" button to disconnect the Endpoints.

Comm Tunnel Pro makes it more easier to monitor, debug or test for COM2COM, COM2TCP, COM2UDP, TCP2TCP, TCP2UDP, UDP2UDP.

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