One Button Relay Controller

N-Button Pro/Lite makes it possible to control your relays just with ONE button! (Lite version only supports up to 16 control widgets. There is no limitation for Pro version.)

The Advanced Customized Button widget in N-Button has much more powerful functions than any other widgets. It allows you to add several different actions to ONE button. That is you just click ONE button, the button will finish several different control actions continuously according to your setting.

Download N-Button Pro

How to create One Button Relay Controller

1. Download N-Button Pro, install and launch it to get the N-Button Pro Manger panel. Add the connected relay board by clicking Devices Manager.

N-Button Pro - Devices Manager

2. Click Advanced Customized Button to show the Properties panel for Advanced Customized Button.

N-Button Pro - Advanced Customized Button

N-Button Pro - Advanced Customized Button - Properties

3. Click Setting to show Advanced Customized Button Click Actions Setting panel.

Click Action Setting

4. Click Add to show Action Setting panel. There are several Action Types. Relay Action and Update Relay Status are special for relay boards.

N-Button Pro - Action Type

  • Choose Relay Action to set the action to control single relay or multiple relays.

N-Button Pro - Relay Action

  • Choose Update Relay Status to update the status of all relays automatically. If you would like to watch on the relay status by Relay Status widget(red/green status widget), this action will make sure all relay status are updated.
  • Wait action can also be added between any actions.

5. Click OK to finish the setting and back to the previous panel. Here is the sample actions for control relay 1.

Sample Relay Actions

6. Click OK to return to the Properties panel. Here 5 actions are 3 cycles control for the requirement

Properties- Advanced Customized Button

7. Click OK to return to N-Button Pro Manager panel. Here Relay Status widget for relay 1 is added also.

N-Button Pro Manager

8. Click OK, the control button and status widget will be shown on you desktop.

One Button Relay Controller

Follow above steps, you can create your Relay Controller button according to your own requirements.

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