Send Multiple Commands with One Button

N-Button Pro v1.7 supports “Advanced Customized Button”. It allows to set several commands for one button widget. Multiple commands can be send one by one after click the created button widget.

Here is the example for how to control Velleman K8090/VM8090 USB Relay Card.


Press Button 1 – Relay 1 pulses for 1 second

Press Button 2 – Relay 2 pulses for 3 seconds

Press Button 3 – relay 3 pulses for 5 seconds


1. Download and install N-Button Pro v1.7.

2. Launch N-Button Pro v1.7, N-Button Pro Manager panel will be shown on.

N-Button Pro Manager

3. Click Devices Manager to add the device Velleman K8090/VM8090 USB Relay Card and select the COM Port connected with it.

N-Button Pro - Control Vellman K8090/VM8090

4.  Click Advanced Customized Button to show Properties – Advanced Customized Button panel.

N-Button Pro - Setting Advanced Customized Button

5. Click Setting for Click option to add actions/commands.

N-Button Pro - Action Setting

6. Several commands can be added for this customized button.

N-Button Pro - Click Actions Setting

7. Follow the above way, another two advanced customized buttons can be created.

N-Button Pro - Click One Button to Send Multiple Commands

N-Button Pro - Click One Button to Send Several Commands

8. The created buttons will be floated on the desktop. Click to control  K8090/VM8090 relay card.

Created Buttons to Control Vellman K8090/VM8090

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