Test SMTP Protocol with Comm Operator

It’s easy to test SMTP Protocol with Comm Operator. Here is the example about how to send Email with SMTP protocol in Comm Operator.

Download Comm Operator

Run Comm Operator, and connect Comm Operator with your Email server IP address and Port Number.

Comm Operator - Connect with Email Server

You will receive message from your Email server.

Comm Operator - Connected with Email Server

Check “Add CR”, and  open Tools –> Options –> Carriage Return page to select “0D 0A”.

Comm Operator - Select Carriage Return

Input SMTP command according to SMTP protocol, click Send button or ENTER key on your keyboard to send the SMTP command to your Email server. You will see the sent data and received data in the Log Data panel.  Here “EHLO” is sent first.

Comm Operator - Input SMTP Command

After you send “AUTH LOGIN”, you will receive some base 64-encoded string. Copy it with “CTRL +C”.

Comm Operator - SMTP Command

Open Calculator, paste the string to get the plain text. You will see it’s “Username”. That indicates the Email server is asking you the Username. You also need send base 64-encoded string to the server. With the help of the Calculator, you can get your username’s string easily.

Comm Operator - Converter for Base 64 to Plain Text

Comm Operator - Converter

After you input the string of username (your Email account), you will be asked for password. It also shows in base 64-encoded string. Convert the password of YOUR email account with the Calculator. After you send the password string, if it’s correct, you will receive “Authentication succeeded”.

Comm Operator - Test SMTP Protocol

Note: This is just an example. Please use your only email account and password.

Send the command below.

“Mail From:<test@serialporttool.com>”

“RCP To:<support@serialporttool.com>”


Comm Operator - Test SMTP

You can send your email message now. Input “.” to end the message.

Comm Operator - SMTP End Message

The Email is already sent! Check your email to be sure.

Comm Operator - Test SMTP Successfully

Here is the video about how to test SMTP protocol with Comm Operator.

Test SMTP Protocol with Comm Operator

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