How to Update WiFly Module with Comm Operator


Here are the steps for how to use Comm Operator software to update WiFly module to the latest firmware.

1. Connect WiFly module with your computer.

2. Download, install and run Comm Operator.

3. Open USB Serial Port connecting with the WiFly module.

4. Send “$$$” to  enter command mode.

5. Load ftpUpdate.sds  file.

6. Send “ver<CR>” to get the version information of the WiFly module.

7. Send “set ftp  address<CR> ” to set IP address of FTP server.

8. Send “set ftp dir public<CR>” to set directory to use on FTP server.

9. Send “set ftp user roving<CR>” to set the ftp user name for accessing FTP server.

10. Send “set ftp pass Pass123<CR>” to set the password for accessing FTP server

11. Send “Save<CR>” to save the settings.

12. Send “ftp update<CR>” to update the WiFly module.

13. Send “factory RESET<CR>” to reset the WiFly module to the factory default state.

14. Send “reboot<CR>” to  reboot the WiFly module.

15. Configure the WiFly module with your custom configuration. Download the configuration file.

See How to Configure WiFly Wireless Module with Comm Operator

Note: The WiFly module needs to visit FTP sever. It must be configured before update.


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