How to create A/D Meter widget

N-Button Pro and N-Button Lite make it possible to control relay controller boards of National Control Devices without any programming!

Here are the steps to create A/D Meter widget for NCD’s A/D relay boards.

1. Download N-Button Pro and N-Button Lite and install it. Double click the N-Button Pro/Lite icon to run it. N-Button Pro/Lite Manager will be shown on your screen.

N-Button Pro Manager

2. Click Setting button to select the Manufactory for your A/D relay board.Select connection method between relay board and computer, Serial Port/USB or Network.

N-Button Pro Manager - Connection Setting

3. Click “A/D Meter”  button to show Properties – AD Meter dialog to set relay ID and appearance for A/D Meter widgets.

N-Button Pro - A/D Meter

All kinds of sensors, such as temperature, electric current,  voltage, humidity, velocity, pressure, etc., can be connected to A/D channel. A/D Meter widget of N-Button Pro/ Lite will read the value of A/D channel and show the value on the screen. The raw value of A/D channel is 0-255. The meter can map the value to different range, like 0-5, which is voltage on A/D channel or other value you want. The widgets can update the value at specific interval automatically as well as refreshed manually.

A/D Meter Widget               A/D Meter Widget

A/D Meter Widget             A/D Meter Widget

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