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Send Custom Command in PTZ Controller

Friday, January 13th, 2012

PTZ Controller allows you to send custom command to your PTZ camera.

Click Customize button to open Customize Panel.

PTZ Controller Customize

PTZ Controller Customize

There are 12 buttons in Customize Panel. It will send user-defined commands to PTZ Controller.

The default setting for button 1-9 is GoTo Preset 1-9 separately.

To edit customize functions, click main menu , select ‘Edit Customization’ to openEdit Panel.

PTZ Controller Edit Customization

PTZ Controller Edit Customization

Click the button that needs to be edited to open Setting dialog.

PTZ Controller - Edit Customization -Setting

Select the options in this dialog to set the built-in function for the button.

The button can be set AUX or Preset function. It also can send specific Hex data to PTZ camera.

Click OK button to return Edit Panel. All buttons can be edited here.

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Basic Setting for PTZ Controller

Friday, January 13th, 2012

To control your PTZ Camera with our PTZ Controller software, you need connect your PTZ camera an the computer at first. You also need to set PTZ Controller to make it work. The basic settings include Protocol, Com Port, Baud Rate and camera Address.

How to Set Protocol

PTZ Controller supports multiple protocols, includes Pelco D, Pelco P, AD ASCII, AD Manchester, Bosch, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Canon and Lilin protocols.

Please select the right protocol for your PTZ camera. If you are not sure which protocol your PTZ camera works with. Please try Pelco D or Pelco P. Most of cameras work with them.

Click Main Menu –> Protocol to select a protocol.

The default protocol is Pelco D.

PTZ Controller - Protocol

How to Set Com Port

Click Main Menu –> COM Port to select an existing COM Port that connected with PTZ camera.

All available COM ports will be detected automatically and list here.

PTZ Controller - COM Port


How to Set Baud Rate

Click Main Menu –> Baud Rate to select baud rate for the COM port. It should be set according to the instruction of PTZ camera.

PTZ Controller - Baud Rate


How to Set PTZ Camera Address

Click button to show Camera Panel. There are 255 cameras in the list. All commands will be send to selected PTZ Camera. Meaningful name can be assigned to each camera.

PTZ Controller - Camera Address


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