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Power On/Off Sony PTZ Camera with PTZ Controller v3.1

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

How to Power on/off Sony or VISCA protocol PTZ camera with PTZ Controller v3.1?

If the address of Sony PTZ camera is 1, the command for Power On is “81 01 04 00 02 FF”, Power Off  is “81 01 04 00 03 FF ”.  The command can be sent by PTZ Controller custom button.

Download and install PTZ Controller v3.1

Run PTZ Controller, select right Address, Protocol, Com Port and Baud rate to make sure the connection is available.


Right-click one of the Custom Function button to edit Function Setting. 

Select Send Data function, Camera and data format(Hex).

Input the Power On/Off command directly or select from Data Editor

After above setting, click the Custom button to Power on/Off  Sony PTZ camera.

Power On Sony PTZ Camera

There are several other built-in commands for Sony camera in PTZ Controller v3.1.

Sony PTZ Camera Commands

PTZ Controller Homepage

OSD Menu Commands for Eminent EM6029 Camera

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

PTZ Controller works with Eminent EM6029 Camera by Pelco D protocol.

To active OSD(On Screen Display) Menu for Eminent EM6029 Camera, it’s “Goto Preset 20”, not the default command for Pelco D/P protocol "Set Preset 95".

To navigate  inside  the  OSD menu, "Zoom In" is up, "Zoom  Out" is down, "Focus Near" is left and "Focus Far" is right.

PTZ Controller supports Custom Functions to allow sending user-defined command to your camera.

Here is the sample to set the first Custom button to active OSD Menu for Eminent EM6029 Camera.

OSD Menu Eminent EM6029 Camera

PTZ Controller v3.1 supports more options for Custom command, shown as below.

PTZ Controller -Custom Function

PTZ Controller Homepage

Control ERNA Protocol PTZ Camera with PTZ Controller

Monday, December 8th, 2014

The latest PTZ Controller supports ERNA protocol PTZ cameras.

Select ENRA Protocol      PTZ Controller -Control ENRA Protocol PTZ Camera

You can control Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Focus, Iris, Preset, and Auto Scan directly with PTZ Controller. You can also send other ERNA Protocol commands with Custom Function panel.

Custom Function -ERNA Protocol

Click to see PTZ Controller Control Demo

See also:   Test ERNA Protocol with Comm Operator

PTZ Controller home page

Data Editor for Custom Function Send Data

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

PTZ Controller v3 supports two group of Custom Function buttons. The buttons can be set to different functions.

Download PTZ Controller v3


PTZ Controller - Custom Function Panel

Right-click the custom function button, click Edit to show Function Setting panel.

PTZ Controller - Custom Function - Data Editor

On Function Setting panel, you can input Text data or Hex data directly. Or, click the button to show Data Editor panel. Some auxiliary commands are supported here according to different protocols. It’s much easier to set custom function buttons for those AUX commands.

Visit PTZ Controller v3 Homepage

Quick Edit for Camera Preset and Custom Function

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

PTZ Controller v3.1 supports quick edit for Camera , Preset and Custom Function.

Download PTZ Controller v3

  • Select the Camera item, Preset item and Custom Function buttons.
  • Right-click the selected item to show context menu.
  • Click Edit to open Camera Setting, Function Setting or Set Preset, Go To Preset directly.

Quick Edit for Camera Preset and Custom Function

Camera Setting

PTZ Controller - Camera Setting

Function Setting

PTZ Controller -Function Setting

Visit PTZ Controller v3 Homepage

PTZ Controller v3 Supports Hitachi Protocol

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

PTZ Controller software supports several PTZ Camera protocols, Pelco, Sony, Panasonic, Bosch, Samsung etc.. The latest PTZ Controller v3 supports Hitachi protocol.

Download PTZ Controller v3

PTZ Controller V3

Click menu Setting-> Camera Manager –> New to open Camera Setting panel shown as below.

PTZ Controller - PTZ Camera Protocols

All PTZ Camera protocols supported by PTZ Controller software are list here.

Visit PTZ Controller v3 Homepage

Remote Control PTZ Camera with HTTP Request by PTZ Controller v3

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

PTZ Controller v3 supports build-in HTTP CGI server.  It can control PTZ cameras remotely through HTTP request.

How to control PTZ Camera with HTTP request by PTZ Controller v3.

1.  Download and install PTZ Controller v3 on your computer.

2. Connect PTZ Camera with your computer through serial port or USB

3. Run PTZ Controller v3, and make sure to select the right setting for camera. (address, protocol, Com port, baud rate)

4. Please make sure you can control your PTZ camera locally with mouse or keyboard shortcuts.

PTZ Controller 3.0 mini

5. Click menu Setting –> Options to select “Enable PTZ Controller Server” and set Port Number or keep it default as 8080.

Enable PTZ Controller Server

6.  To test if PTZ Controller server is running, open the internet browser, and type the following line, replace the port number if the port is set other than 8080.


A webpage should show as below. That means PTZ Controller server is running. Click the button on the webpage will send HTTP request to control PTZ Camera.

PTZ Controller Server is running!

Make sure the port number is allow to access in Windows firewall setting. Please visit Microsoft website to get more information about firewall setup.

7. PTZ Controller HTTP request format


IPaddress :  it’s the IP address of the computer that running PTZ Controller.

Port:  it’s the port number the server listen. It can be reset on Options panel shown above.

There are 6 HTTP request commands for Pan, Tilt and Zoom without parameters







Stop command:


Commands for Pan, Tilt and Zoom with parameters


Pan’s value: -63 to 63

Tilt’s value: -63 to 63

Zoom’s value: -63 to 63

It can be used with pan tilt only or zoom only



To check the IP address of your computer, click Windows Start,  run cmd.exe to open the console window, type command “ipconfig”, press Enter to get the computer’s IP address.


For example:

The HTTP request commands for Pan, tilt and zoom without parameters will be:

Stop command need to be sent after sending commands above.

Commands for Pan, tilt and zoom with parameters will be:

The latest PTZ Controller v3 has the command buttons built in the webpage. Click the button to control Pan, Tilt and Zoom directly.

PTZ Controller - HTTP Request

8.  HTTP request for Custom Functions

There are 12 Custom Function buttons available in PTZ controller 3.0. Each custom function can be  setup a HTTP request command. The custom item function will be called when the specific HTTP request is called.

PTZ Controller Custom Function


For example:

Above HTTP request will do Set Preset 1.


All commands that used for Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Stop cannot be override in custom functions.

If there are two same HTTP request commands for custom functions, the first one matched will be called.


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Difference between PTZ Controller v2 and v3

Friday, September 19th, 2014



PTZ Controller 2.9

PTZ Controller 3.1


Protocols Pelco, Sony, Canon, Bosh, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, AD, LiLin, ERNA Pelco, Sony, Canon, Bosh, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, AD, LiLin, ERNA, Hitachi
Connection One COM Port Multiple COM Ports
PTZ Control Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Focus, Iris Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Focus, Iris
Auto/Manual switch for Focus and Iris
Auto Scan One track Multiple Auto Scan tracks
Joystick Control Joystick Plug-in needs to be installed Built-in Joystick plug-in
Remote Control None Send HTTP Request via web browser
Custom Function For send custom data For send custom data
For Camera
For AUX Functions
For Auto Scan
For Run Application
For System Function
Update No more Continuous

PTZ Controller v3 webpage

PTZ Controller 2.9 webpage

Control Multiple PTZ Cameras with PTZ Controller

Monday, August 11th, 2014

PTZ Controller v3 supports multiple PTZ cameras.

PTZ Controller 3.0

Click menu Setting –> Camera Manager  to open Camera Manager panel.

It can also be opened by clicking button on camera panel.

Click New button to show Camera Setting Panel to edit or select the camera’s name, address, protocol, connected Com Port and baud rate. Please refer the manual of your PTZ Camera to select the right value.

All supported protocols are list here.

All added cameras will be list in Camera Panel on normal main interface.

Visit PTZ Controller v3 homepage

Switch Control View for PTZ Controller v3

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

PTZ Controller v3 supports 3 view modes to control PTZ Camera.

Download PTZ Controller v3

Click menu View-> Normal to show full control interface.

PTZ Controller 3.0 -Normal View

Click menu View -> Compact to get smaller Size.

PTZ Controller 3.0 - Compact view

Click menu View -> Mini to get minimize Size.

PTZ Controller 3.0  - Mini View

Visit PTZ Controller v3 Homepage