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Quick Timer R4X PPC

Bluetooth Connection

How to Use

Quick Timer R4X PPC is high resolution timer software for Pocket PC. It controls 4-channel relay controller boards of National Control Devices.
  • Run on Pocket PC (WM5.0, WM6.0).
  • Control 4-channel relay controller boards.
  • Control relays with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Serial Port.
  • Turn on and turn off relay manually.
  • Control relay automatically according to time setting.
  • Support Network and Com Port connection
  • Detect connection status continuously.
  • Remind after disconnection.
  • Auto recover after reconnection.
  • Display the current status of relay in real-time.
  • Switch between Landscape and Portrait modes automatically.
  • Timer setting can be saved for later loading.
  • 4-Relay Controller Board 4-Relay Controller Board 4-Relay Controller Boards

    Please get more information about relay controller boards from NCD.
    Quick Timer R4X PPC can be ordered with relay controller board together from NCD.